Lust Potion (Sample Pack)

Lust Potion (Sample Pack)

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Lust Potion is the latest sample pack released by BLKMRKT Original Library. Keeping the consistency alive, it aims this more so to the R&B lane to create mellow production. With instruments range from keyboards, textures, analog synths and chopped vocal arrangements, this pack is a well-crafted to have an open space for producers to run with it.

This sample pack has 10 compositions and can either be purchased in composition format or compositions & stems format. All of them can be chopped and replayed or dragged and dropped right into your preferred DAW. Samples are Key and BPM Labeled.

Master Clearance Guaranteed

* 10 Compositions
* Key and BPM Labeled
* WAV Files in 16-bit/44.1 kHz