SINGLE REVIEW: Justin Bieber - Yummy

Outside of the chaos in the potential's midst World War 3, Justin Bieber released his first single in almost five years with Yummy. On this song, he returns to his R&B roots (or R&Bieber if you like to call it) since his 2013 breakthrough compilation with Journals. The track produced by Kid Culture, Jason "Poo Bear" Boyd and Sasha Sirota so once you hear its production, then you already you know what type of track you're getting. 

It's a watered-down, generic Trap instrumental that you might have heard on the radio millions of times before. But then again, it's a slapper if you want to abuse your speakers. For Bieber and its songwriting, it gets repetitive and stale as the track progresses. 

The melody is catchy so it might grow on me before his upcoming studio album releases. I wasn't disappointed as I listened to the snippet, but Bieber is better than this as an artist and songwriter. Press play here and let us know what you think of it. Does It live up to its expectations, or were you disappointed on how it sounded?

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